Cosilana producer information

Wool Quality 41, 45, 46

For our snugly woollens we only finest, untreated merino wool. Wool balances temperatures, can
absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp while letting the skin
breathe. Its high natural lanolin content has an antibacterial effect. Usually, it’s enough to air our
woollens regulary and only handwash them from time to time at a max. of 30° C with a mild woolshampoo
and reoil them with lanoline-cure. Our woollens are made without chemical treatments
(chlorine chemistry). To avoid moth, please use lavender or cedar wood pieces.
Care: Handwash at 30°.

Wool/ silk Quality 71

Our merino and mulberry silx mixture (70 : 30%) combines all the advantages of wool and silk.
Wool keeps us warm, is water and dirt repellent. Silk is soft and gives our skin a feeling of wellbeeing.
This mixture is expeccialy recommended for sensitive skin.
Care: Handwash at 30°.

Cotton Quality 81, 85, 88

Our organic, extra soft cotton comes from ecological projects and farms in Turkey and Peru which
are certified by SKAL, IVN* and others. Fairtrade guidelines and organic agriculture are strictly adhered
to. Our organic cotton perfectly reflects your healthy lifestyle and also can be worn by people
suffering from allergies.

Care: Machine wash at 60° C, but cotton also tolerates high temperatures and can easily be washed
at over 100° C in the medical field. We also offer cotton grown in colours.

special Quality silk/Wool-Cotton Quality 91

We know the problematic of the hand wash in today’s time. Therefore, we developed a special
yarn-mixture which corresponds to our wool, silk and organic cotton we already use. The result is
a fabric made of 20% silk, 35% wool and 45% organic cotton, manufactured after strict ecological
guidelines. You can machine wash our new quality at 30 degrees (no spinning, no tumpler!) People
with sensitive skin stand this all-season soft material-mixture very well and the shrinkage-results
after machine washing are really very satisfying.

All of our underwear is manufactured with care and the environment in mind on the „Schwäbische
Alb“ (South Germany). We guarantee highest quality standard. Our natural fibres are residuechecked
and controlled regularly by an independent ecology-institute. In January 2006 we joined
the IVN-control-system*. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We wish you
many good experiences with our underwear.

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